Wednesday, September 2, 2009

People that SUCK!!!

So yesterday I was cruising the trade boards as I do everyday when I came across a pretty interesting deal. A guy by the name of brccompany had a Hank Aaron ball for sale for $90, not a bad buy at all. I contact him and offer a sale price for the Aaron and another ball, after all it never hurts to ask. He promptly turns the offer down, which is ok. So I tell him I will take the Aaron, heres what follows......

ME: If you will take cash I will take the Aaron

HIM: Paypal only

ME: Your killing me! haha. I have had issues with getting PayPal to accept my credit card for two weeks now. Are you sure there is no way you will take cash?

HIM: Paypal provides protection for both the buyer and seller. And this deposits right into my checking account.
If you want to do cash the Aaron is $150 cash, $100 paypal.
I hope you get your paypal in order.

ME: Does it come with a free jar of Vaseline?

HIM: Dont waste my time.

ME: Was not trying to, D!ck.

Ok, so this guy today starts a new thread asking what other sites he can trade on so obviously he is new to trading and selling. I understand his point about Paypal but he obviously would accept cash, only if he can stick it to you. There are other ways to protect a purchase, that would also be less then PayPal fees, like USPS shipping insurance for one! I do not understand why people have to be rude. All he had to say was, sorry man I need PayPal only. That would have been it....... So if any of you are new to this hobby, take a course on helping the fellow collector and interney etiquit. One day this guy may need me, he may not, but if he does I will leave him standing. It is that easy.

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