Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 Boxes and a lot of disappointment

Hobby box Legendary Cuts
Hobby box UD Icons
Hobby box Topps American Heroes Heritage
Retail box Allen & Ginter
Two Retail packs Celebrity something another

Lets start with the Legendary cuts. The last time I was in the local hobby shop I noticed they had one box left. I was going to buy it but I had a hard time making myself spend over a $100 on something that does not guarantee any autographs, because after all I am a fan of autographs, not relics. Dont get me wrong, patch cards are great, but the average swatch is just lame to me after the first 1000 Ive pulled the have lost their luster to me. I should have listened to my instincts. I love the design of the cards, kind of have a heritage/Ginter feel to them which will be great for IP graphing. The hits, well I ended up with my 4 game used cards and no autographs with a sale value of a whopping $8. I usually never sell my items, so in a way it really means nothing but I do like to somewhat get my moneys worth out of a box and it seems lately I have been struggling to even get close to 25% which I kind of have a problem with. I know it is all about the chase of that one card, which ever one it may be but the one that is just an awesome awesome pull. I just think the card company's should help the collector get a little value out of the boxes hit wise when they are spending that amount of money. Ok, Iknow, enough whining. Did I mention I like the look of the base cards? One highlight, ok two, I did pull a Bo Jackson relic and a short print JD over at JD's Wild cards needs. Bo, well to me, Bo was one of the greatest players to ever play baseball and I wish he would have played exclusively baseball. I feel he would have broken all kinds of records but in the end he will be a forgotten great.
Tony Gwynn / Jake Peavy
Ozzie Smith / Khalil Greene
David Ortiz
Bo Jackson 40/100

Next up was UD Icons. I was also a little disappointed in this $100 box as well. Same complaints as the Legendary cuts so I will not waste your time repeating myself. One of my biggest complaints about he product itself is the letterman cards. To me if you are going to go through the trouble of making a great looking card, which they really are, you should have them autographed as well. The base cards are also not the greatest, they look really generic to me. Good thing I am not a set collector. They autograph, well it is none other then the 26 year old rookie Brett Gardner 500/600. Again, high end product, no need for a autograph numbered to 600. To me there should never be an autograph numbered above 100 in a high end product! The relics however are flashy and look very nice to me. The tinier then usual swatches are a turn off, but hey a swatch is a swatch is a swatch so they could make them cover the entire card and it still would not be a turn on to me.
Chris Carpenter
Bill Hall
Brett Gardner 500/600
Jed Lowrie 36/50
Nate McClouth 5/40

American Heritage, I can not lie I bought these for my wife. She is a huge fan of Americana so I figured these may have an appeal to her. I love the base cards, it is like they took variations from numerous years of Topps baseball products and used them to design the base cards. This product guarantees two relics, stamps, or auto's er box. We were lucky enough not to get stamps, haha. The WW1 relic she pulled by far was my favorite pull of the day. It is a part of a military uniform, very cool. It kind of gave me chill bumps, being my family is very military oriented and having a grandfather who served in WW1 made it even more special. The other relic, well we/I could have done with out it. It was one of those ????? who is this???? Apparently Dennis smith who is a firefighter / author. Apparently though he is a pretty good author. Over all I would and probably will give this another shot.
Dennis Smith
WW1 Uniform

The retail box of Ginter, well was nothing but base with a crack the code card thrown in there. I did however finally get a Hamilton Country card, I love these and last years state cards.

The celebrity pack/box thingy, it was one of those guaranteed autograph thing a ma bobs. Being my wife is a collector of celebs, I figured we would give it a shot at $14.99 a pop why not? Well I see why. The two auto's were from the now defunct inkworks company. The cards are not bad looking but I think if they could have nailed down some decent names instead of junk they may of had a decent chance to give Americana a run, but not with these auto's. Kuan Smith / Agent Garrity has a dog named Lucy and is from Canada, just what I needed to know! Gldart, who names heir kid Gildart? Anyways Gildart was killed off of of Chamed after he killed a baby, all in his one and only season on Charmed.......
Kauan Smith

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