Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is Nascar a sport?

A lot of people seem to think Nascar is not a sport. I would like to state my case on why it is. I have raced in the past so I have a little insight on how physically demanding it is. According to Webster's Dictionary, the term "sport," as a noun, is described as "physical activity engaged in for pleasure." Now just because the only balls involved are the ones in between your legs does not make it any less of a sport. Here are my reasons.....
1. It takes team work
2. No Restroom breaks
3. No half Time
4. you have more of a chance to get killed or seriously maimed than any stick and ball sport
5. The temperatures inside the car can reach 150 degrees, and no one is there to replace you or run a water bottle out to you
6. The pit crews, most of which came from other sports, will tell you that during their stops it is the most demanding 15 seconds ever
7. They wear helmets
8. 200 MPH is not the same as driving 55 down the highway
9. It is a competition, you vs. 42 other idiots
10. there are grandstands
11. They have coaches, crew chief, pit coach, car chief, owner
12. They like other sports depend on sponsorships
13. If dancing is a sport, Racing is the ultimate dance
14. The drivers and crews spend just as much time doing weight lifting and cardio
15. You get hit so hard your Grand Mama can feel it for a week
15. They have numbers to identify them selves
16. It takes pure talent to drive that fast on the edge of out of control

I could go on all night, but for those of you who think Nascar, or auto racing for that matter is not a sport, I dare you to go to a driving school and spend a few days learning what it takes to drive a car, then strap yourself into one and stay out there for 4 hours. You will change your mind.

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