Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Building of a Police Car

Since I have not made any deals or had mail days or even opened any wax the past couple of days I decided I would take my camera to work with me. I want this blog to be about what I have fun doing in my life and this is one of my enjoyments, I just am lucky enough to get paid to do it. For the next few days, or until the project is completed I will take pictures as the car progresses. This is the final car of 13 my partner Jimmy and myself have built this year. To me this is a blast. It makes my job fun even after hours when I see a police car or fire truck rolling down the road knowing those are my babies and I built them, well the cruisers that is. I am not good enough to build a fire truck, haha. This car was already started yesterday so I do not have any pics of the raw car, but trust me when we get them they are just a plain ole street car you can buy at any dealership. Enjoy the pics and if you have any questions I will answer them the best I can.

Wiring up the rear of the car
Getting dash ready for gun lock
getting ready to run wires
Deck lights installed
Light bar installed
New back seat ready for comfort
Putting the tail lights back in
Who needs instructions when you wrote them?
Front of car ready for the install
Putting strobes into a headlight
Console ready to be installed

Finally the best part of the day, getting ready to go home.

End of the day

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